Welcome to Superhouse!

The company behind Super House is Rostaff Property Developments Ltd. We have been building one off, high quality homes for the past fourteen years and have always strived to build the best quality homes at the best price.

There is an old saying “When we know better, we will do better”

We at Rostaff believe we are now building the best homes for our clients whilst always looking for, and using, proven new technology and materials. Based on our association and experience with Scandinavian Homes and German Homes we have the knowledge and team to make you’re home a reality. We also have great Irish experience with architects like Cuala McGann, Dermot Bannon, Paul Dillon and O’Halloran and Rooney.

Our Background

Rostaff Property Developments have been involved in building passive homes in Ireland since 2006. We are sole contractors to Scandinavian Homes and German Homes in Ireland, providing passive house foundations for all their passive homes. The house structure is then shipped from Sweden and Germany, respectively, and assembled on site.

Through our work with these market leaders and many inquiries received, Rostaff Property Developments recognised the need for an Irish model of the passive house (in concrete block). By bringing together our accumulated Irish, Swedish and German knowledge, skills and technology we are now creating Super Homes which can be lived in with almost no running cost.

We now have Superhouse
Superhouse is fully passive, has the absolute minimum heating costs.
An example of a Superhouse: 2000 sq/ft house can be heated for 24hrs/365 days for as little as €150

Super Homes

We build super homes that quietly look after your family, year after year. Our homes allow your lifestyle and comfort to go up while bringing the cost of living way down.

Forget Costly Fuels

Your money is not spent filling oil tanks, heating boilers, radiators and fireplaces. Your money is spent on insulation, air tightness and heat recovery ventilation. This provides your family the most comfortable and healthy environment with almost no running cost.

One Off Construction

We offer a turn key finish or builders finish and everything in between, including a complete Irish of German homes fit out using the latest in German Homes appliances and smart house technology.

Recent Projects